Our investors’ trust is based on a shared perspective, expertise and lasting investment success. But most of all, it’s based on an open approach that allows us to develop solutions tailored to our investors’ needs.

Our standard for strategies and concepts: forging innovative paths and setting new benchmarks. Some call it thinking outside the box. We call it SOLUTIO – since 1998.

Insurance companies, pension funds, benefits schemes, banks, financial institutions, family offices and foundations in Germany and Austria.

For us, there’s only one perspective that matters: the one we share.


in the private equity, infrastructure, private and real estate debt asset classes


There are many who will pave the way for investments. And few who’ll help you along it. That’s what makes SOLUTIO special: we are the crucial link between investors and investments in real assets – bridging the gap between strategy and administration. Our investment concepts are the ideal solution for efficient, strategy-focused implementation, allowing investment in real assets​.

We offer access to first-class global asset management through widely diversified umbrella programmes. We also assist our clients closely and handle administration throughout the entire life cycle of an investment. This means less outlay and higher efficiency.


  • A holistic approach from forming opinions, strategic development and investment decisions through to implementation
  • Access to a range of real asset classes through joint venture partnerships with proven outstanding managers
  • Structuring investment programmes based on German and Austrian investors’ tax and supervisory requirements
  • Informative reporting based on what investors’ asset managers, controllers and accountants require in terms of content and timing
  • Long-term partnerships and knowledge transfer with our investors


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