For us, a partnership approach is one of the fundamental values of SOLUTIO AG. Whether internally or externally: We cultivate relationships. On the one hand, this applies to our relationships to one another – on the other, to the close and personal support of our investors.

In addition to this, there are long-term cooperations with international investment companies that are based on the joint development of investment programs.

Joint Venture Partner


Pantheon is a leading global private equity fund investor that invests on behalf of over 400 institutional investors, including public and private pension plans, insurance companies, endowments and foundations. Founded over 30 years ago, it has developed an established reputation in primary and secondary private asset solutions across all stages and geographies. Pantheon reports over $32.2 billion assets under management, advice or monitoring and has 197 employees, including 72 investment professionals, located across offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul and Bogotá.

Joint Venture Partner


LGT Capital Partners is one of the world’s leading private equity and hedge fund managers, with its headquarters in Switzerland and offices in New York, London, Dublin, Hong Kong and Tokio. The team comprises approximately 170 investment professionals from 30 countries, and it currently manages assets in excess of 21 billion US dollars. Together we realise the programme line CROWN PREMIUM Private Equity with: CROWN VENTURES, CROWN BUYOUT, CROWN PREMIUM III, CROWN PREMIUM IV, CROWN PREMIUM V.

Joint Venture Partner


The business division Infrastructure & Private Equity (I&PE) of UBS Global Asset Management is specialised in managing infrastructure and private equity investments. I&PE has over 50 investment specialists spread over 8 locations and with over USD 10 billions in assets under management (as of December 2011) has a proven track record in managing alternative assets in the area of /such as infrastructure and private equity. Within the I&PE platform the AFA Infrastructure team is responsible for managing multi manager infrastructure investments. AFA is a leading provider of infrastructure fund-of-funds solutions with a global set-up and invests in infrastructure assets since 2004.

Exclusive Project Partner


Investa Real Estate has been developing and operating real estate in Germany for 45 years. At the core of the business lies the development of high quality office buildings, corporate headquarters, hotels as well as selected residential buildings. Since 2013, Investa has been developing innovative investment models for institutional investors.
Together we realise the INTRUST Mezzanine Real Estate programm line.