Many are pioneers of investments, companions are the least. As such, SOLUTIO represents an exception in the marketplace: We are the crucial link between investors and investments in real assets – and we close the gap between strategy and administration. Our investment concepts provide the ideal solution for a strategy-based, streamlined implementation, and make investments in real assets viable.

In so doing, we facilitate access to first class global asset management through broadly diversified fund of funds investment concepts. In addition, our clients benefit from our close support and administrative management throughout the entire life-cycle of an investment. And that means less effort and higher efficiency.


  1. Holistic approach: ranging from forming an opinion, thru developing a strategy and making an investment decision, right up to final implementation
  2. Access to various real asset classes through joint venture partnerships with proven superior managers
  3. Structuring of investment programs according to the tax and regulatory requirements of German and Austrian investors
  4. Informative reporting oriented towards the schedule and content requirements of the asset managers, controllers and accountants of the respective investor
  5. Long-term partnerships and know-how transfer with our investors