SOLUTIO is specialised in institutional investors in Germany and Austria. In cooperation with international finance companies we realise investment programs with long-term orientation. In so doing, we concentrate on real assets.

More precisely: on the asset classes private equity, infrastructure and real estate. The criteria for our investment concepts are continuity, sustainability and – of course – performance.

Private Equity


  1. Investment manager with over 30 years of expertise and an extremely stable team
  2. „Best in class“ portfolio focusing on small and medium-sized buyout managers in the core markets of Europe and the USA by combining primary and secondary programs
  3. Clearly defined investment pipeline and institutionalised processes
  4. Strong historical performance versus private equity- and public benchmarks
  5. Integrated risk management – from due diligence to monitoring the investment process
  6. Joint venture with Pantheon Ventures (UK) LLP, one of the world’s leading fund of funds manager with global presence (America, Europe, Asia)

Private Equity


  1. Experienced and international investment team
  2. Focus on leading European and American small and mid-market buyout managers
  3. Combination of primary and secondary programs
  4. Risk reduction through broad diversification, as well as the combination of buyout and growth capital
  5. Pre-commitments (no blind pools) to the active management of the J-curve 
  6. Joint venture with LGT Capital Partners, one of the worldwide leading managers of private equity assets



  1. Specialised infrastructure investment team
  2. Focus on brownfield investments in OECD-countries (85-100%)
  3. Selection of first-class and above-average managers
  4. Inflation-protected returns and ongoing distributions
  5. Higher risk protection through broad diversification
  6. Joint venture with UBS Global Asset Management – Alternative Fund Advisory (AFA) one of the most experienced investors in infrastructure funds



  1. Procurement of attractive financing in real estate developments
  2. Focus on transparent West German markets
  3. Participation in above-average returns through substantial value-added potential
  4. Attractive return / risk profile
  5. Comprehensive security concept
  6. Exclusive cooperation with the renowned INVESTA Real Estate Group